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svg of monica on computer Hi, I'm Monica!

I'm a web developer building technology to bring people together. Currently, I'm a Full Stack Engineer at Meetup.

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I am web developer, based in New York City, who enjoys learning new web technologies and is passionate about making open-source more accessible and building community, online and offline.

Currently, I am a Full Stack Engineer at Meetup and the organizer/founder of React Ladies, a community for women and non-binary ReactJS developers. I enjoy educating and inspiring others through speaking. I've spoken at events organized by ReactJS Girls, CodeNewbie, Columbia University, The Flatiron School and more.


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HackerNoon, FreeCodeCamp, Code Like A Girl and more.

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A fully-responsive, personal branding website created with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and integrated with a Content Management System.

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A customized- Jekyll blog with educational Jupyter notebooks converted to Markdown to provide tutorials in Python with topics ranging from Pandas to Matplotlib to APIs to GitHub and more.

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A fully-responsive, portfolio created with HTML, CSS , JavaScript and PHP.

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R Shiny wordcloud of tweets collected from the Twitter streaming API during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Part of a larger project to analyze over 13 million tweets during the election.

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