Monica Powell

software engineer, content creator & community organizer

Hi, I'm Monica! I'm a software engineer who is passionate about making open-source more accessible, creating technology to elevate people, and community building. You can often find me teaching web development, contributing to open-source projects like GatsbyJS, or tending to React Ladies, a community I founded for women and non-binary React developers.

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Initial Thoughts On Migrating from gatsby-transformer-remark to gatsby-plugin-mdx

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Give Your CSS Superpowers with CSS Variables

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Top Gatsby Plugins For Developer Blogs

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Refactoring useState() To useReducer()

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Automating File Creation With JavaScript

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How to Add Search Functionality to a Gatsby Blog

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Display Reading Time for Gatsby Blog Posts Using gatsby-transformer-remark

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Format Reading Time with Emojis on a Gatsby Page

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Render ATL
useQuery: An Intro to Using GraphQL with Gatsby
August 24-26, 2020, Atlanta, Georgia