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Working In Public Book Notes

August 09, 2020 🍿 3 min. read

Notes for the book Working In Public by Nadia Eghbal

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How To Create A GitHub Profile README

July 11, 2020 🍿 3 min. read

This article walksthrough how to access GitHub's new profile level README feature

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Exploring Art Direction With Gatsby-Image

June 24, 2020 🍿 3 min. read

I recently used Gatsby's Image's Art direction to update my header to display different images based on viewport size.

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Initial Thoughts On Migrating from gatsby-transformer-remark to gatsby-plugin-mdx

May 26, 2020 🍿 3 min. read

Some of my initial thoughts from migrating this Gatsby site from gatsby-transformer-remark to gatsby-plugin-mdx in order to support MDX in addition to Markdown.

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Give Your CSS Superpowers with CSS Variables

May 22, 2020 🍿 3 min. read

This post will introduce what CSS variables are, how to use them and why to consider using them.

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Top Gatsby Plugins For Developer Blogs

April 19, 2020 🍿 5 min. read

I've published dozens of articles on my Gatsby site and these are the top plugins I recommend to enhance your blog's SEO and user experience.

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Refactoring useState() To useReducer()

April 04, 2020 🍿 3 min. read

This article walks through how to combine multiple useState() React hooks logic into a single useReducer().

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Understanding Reduce in JavaScript

March 29, 2020 🍿 5 min. read

This article will walk through various ways to use ES6 reduce to map, filter and construct objects from arrays.

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Automating File Creation With JavaScript

January 29, 2020 🍿🍿 10 min. read

This article walks through how to use plop a micro-generator to generate new text-based files.

2019 into 2020, Year in Review

January 01, 2020 🍿 7 min. read

I could go on and on about the last 10 years but it's officially 2020 and I've decided to start by writing my first public year in review!

Egghead Podcast: "Personal Growth From Open-Source And Meetups"

December 22, 2019 🍿 2 min. read

This episode of the Egghead podcast gives listeners a better glimpse into my journey into landing my first engineering role and more.

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How to Add Search Functionality to a Gatsby Blog

November 26, 2019 🍿🍿 10 min. read

This tutorial will walk through how to create functionality to allow users to filter posts on a Gatsby site by description, title and, tags.

Delete Your Code and Other Reflections from Coderetreat Day

November 17, 2019 🍿🍿🍿 14 min. read

Some of my reflections from participating in the 2019 Global Coderetreat Day where I solved Conway's Game of Life various ways with different people and principles each time.

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Less JavaScript Makes Font Awesome More Awesome

November 09, 2019 🍿 7 min. read

Recently, I looked into tackling a rendering issue with Font Awesome fonts used on this site by removing JavaScript...

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Grey's Anatomy Lorem Ipsum Generator Tutorial

June 02, 2019 🍿🍿🍿 14 min. read

This tutorial is going to walk through how to create a Grey’s Anatomy or other-themed Lorem Ipsum generator with React and Netlify Functions

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git is hard, but time travel in git is easy.

March 24, 2019 🍿 2 min. read

This article explains how it's possible to commit code that is dated in the future.

4 Meetups That Helped Me Grow as A Woman of Color in Tech

July 26, 2018 🍿 5 min. read

Attending various tech Meetups over the years has been pivotal to my growth as a technologist

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How I automatically created a Twitter List of FreeCodeCampers in 5 minutes

January 17, 2018 🍿 5 min. read

Using Twython Twitter API wrapper to add users to a Twitter List

Conquering the Command Line

December 05, 2017 🍿 5 min. read

When I was first introduced to the command line I really had to adjust to navigating my computer in a black box with just text. So I avoided the command line as much as possible. I was accustomed to…

Overcoming the Goldilocks Complex

April 18, 2017 🍿 7 min. read

Lately, I’ve felt a bit stuck with my progress on learning how to code as I think I’m comfortable with the fundamentals. As I’m starting to immerse myself in coding, reading article’s like the Viking…

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How to Change Repo Language in GitHub

February 07, 2017 🍿 2 min. read

I recently started working on a Weather app in Flask to auto-detect a user’s location based off of their IP address. After committing some updates to GitHub my app switched from being labeled as…

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Visualizing Data from the Spotify API

January 27, 2017 🍿 2 min. read

This post will go over how to connect with the Spotify API to collect information about artists using Python 3 and then create an infographic from the data Spotify returned. Below is a preview of…

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Hide Your API Keys

January 26, 2017 🍿 3 min. read

If you plan on programming any applications and storing your code in a public GitHub repository then it is important that you protect your API keys 🔑 by ensuring that they are not searchable or…

Font Awesome is Awesome!

November 27, 2016 🍿 3 min. read

What’s special about an icon font. Icon fonts are vector-based: they load fast and are completely scalable (w/ a little CSS). An example of an icon font is Font Awesome. There are tons of different…

Image Types: Pixel vs. Vector

November 27, 2016 🍿 2 min. read

Great! You are headed to Photoshop to start designing your dream logo *pause* your logo should be designed as a vector file. Basic shapes and text in Photoshop can easily be converted to paths…

Graduation Reflections: “I was clearly a web developer in the making”

November 27, 2016 🍿 3 min. read

Me at Columbia University’s 2016 Black Graduation Ceremony receiving a gift from the Columbia Black Alumni Council. I’ve officially graduated from Barnard College. During, my undergrad career I was…

Visualize Data Structures, Algorithms and Regular Expressions

November 27, 2016 🍿 2 min. read

I wanted to recommend two websites ( and that have helped me with learning data structures, algorithms, and regular expressions. helped me get through my Data…

Free Software & Services for Students

February 05, 2016 🍿 3 min. read

I always enjoy finding a good deal! I sat down to compile a list of free resources related to technology for students. You can view my older posts that lists out free web development resources (for…

Free Web Development Resources

August 22, 2015 🍿 5 min. read

This past week, I decided to re-do my personal website. I realized that even though it did not seem like it in the midst of the process, I used quite a large handful of resources while developing my…